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As a Certified Seniors Real Estate Specialist, Linda Price is a highly qualified Seniors Agent with the Knowledge and Skills to answer your specific questions to enable you to make those critical decisions in today's complex real estate market!

When Selling a home, It is imperative to have the knowledge to make the right decisions in today's stressful economic times. Sellers cannot afford to make mistakes which may delay or prevent the sale of their home! As a Senior Citizen it is essential that you have the very best Guidance and Advice when putting your home on the market! Now more than ever, Senior Citizen Sellers need to work with an Experienced, Skilled, and Knowledgeable Best Leading Top Real Estate Agent with the State Of The Art Marketing Programs to get their Home SOLD quickly and bring about a seamless and stress free sales transaction!

Linda Price has been a Best Top Producing Leader In Real Estate For over years! Linda has been successfully assisting and guiding Seniors in bringing about Home Sales in Record Time and at Record Prices!

"When Your Home Absolutely Has To Be Sold...It Has To Be Linda Price!"©


"Brings The World To Your Front Door!" ©

Seniors choose Linda Price not only for her Experience and Expertise, but for her Unique Leadership Abilities in fulfilling their individual needs!

Contact Linda For An Appointment Today!

Review "Frequently Asked Questions From Seniors" provided by Linda Price. You will be able to get all the answers necessary to make the right decisions in today's complex real estate market! Let Linda's years of Experience and Expertise as The Best Leading Top Producing Senior Citizens Real Estate Specialist SRES Agent, Realtor, and Broker be the solution to your real estate needs! Linda will exceed you needs and expectations, bringing about a seamless and stress free Home Sales Transaction! Linda is a dedicated Seniors Agent with the Skills to assist you in the sale of your home and facilitate your transition to retirement living!

Q: Do I Really Need A Real Estate Agent?

A: The decision to use a Real Estate Agent should be made by you and your family. You should interview a Realtor with a Brokers License, look for one having excellent organizational skills, in-depth knowledge of the Real Estate business, and specializes working with senior citizens. A true professional Broker can make the complex task of marketing a home look simple. As a Broker, Linda has the experience and in-dept knowledge to help you through the lengthy marketing commitment and all negotiations. You need to work with a leading Agent Dedicated to working with Senior Citizens! Linda Price is a Certified Senior Citizens Real Estate Specialist specializing in the fulfillment of the specific needs of Seniors! For over 13 years, Linda has been exceeding the needs and expectations of Senior Citizens!

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Q: Are Condos A Good Investment?

A: Whether you're considering a condo in an assisted living community or a townhouse of your choice, they're all excellent investments. It's been a very strong and steady growing segment of the Real estate market for years. Before you spend endless frustrating days looking for your new home on your own, let Linda help you get organized to find what you're truly looking for in your next home.

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Q: My Home Is Totally Paid For But How Can I Afford To Move To An Expensive Alternative?

A: This is a great question for your accountant or financial planner to answer. You need specific advice on how much you can afford versus what it's currently costing you to live in your present home. You may be surprised when you compare your current expenses to what it will cost to live somewhere more suited to your needs and lifestyle.

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Q: What Is The Best Time Of Year To Sell My Home?

A: Keep in mind, home sales occur year round. There are usually more buyers beginning in the first quarter of the year than there are in the fourth quarter. Linda will prepare a market analysis for you to show what your home is worth based on current homes for sale and those recently sold. If you would like, she will give you suggestions on what should be done before putting your home on the market. After all, it's most important for you to sell your home at the right time, for the right sale price, with the best Senior Specialist.

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Q: Can You Tell Me How Long It Will Take To Sell My House?

A: Homes priced at the competitive market value usually sell first. Buyers are very savvy and see approximately 8 homes before making that buying decision. If your home has the greatest value against all the other competition, your home will probably sell quickly.

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Q: Are Open Houses Effective?

A: They used to be very effective and in some cases still work. Because more than 85% of all buyers have access to the internet, they spend a lot of time looking at homes via their computers before they actually go out looking. They compare the list prices in different towns and then prioritize their specific needs of amenities, recent updates, proximity to transportation and shopping malls, just to name a few. Buyers are looking for service and they want exclusive representation by a Realtor who will work for them in their best interest. In most instances, Realtors doing Open Houses are looking for leads (buyers) to work with and sell other homes. Although you may get lucky and find a buyer for your home this way, you truly need to find an Agent Broker with a State Of The Art Marketing Program and a High Profile Web Site to be the most Qualified Buyers to your home! Linda specializes in the specific needs of Senior Citizens (SRES) with a web site (www.lindaprice.com) that is the #1 Independent Real Estate web site with the greatest "PAGE ONE" visibility on the Internet! The www.lindaprice.com web site "Brings The World To Your Front Door!"

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Q: Would It Help If I Were Home During The Showings?

A: In most cases I would say NO! If the seller is home, buyers feel like a guest in the house and are somewhat resistant to feel free to open up cabinets and closet doors. You want them to start feeling right at home visually start to place their furniture and possessions. Every buyer that sees your home is a potential sale and by being around, your innocent helpfulness may be taken as an overly aggressive seller and chase your buyer off! Linda can give you suggestions how to make your home look it's best and get your home sold in record time.

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Q: Why Is My Sale or Next Purchase Different From Others?

A: Your priorities are different as a Senior Citizen. Young families are more interested in purchasing a home based on great schools, libraries, and accessibility to parks. While many of these young families may plan on living in your home for only 3-4 years, your next move is far more significant and serious. It is likely to be your last move and you need a specialist with the experience to make sure you have made the right choice for your specific needs to ensure your security, comfort, and happiness. Linda is a leading Broker with years of Experience specializing in the specific needs of Senior Citizens. Linda Price earned the Honored Certification of "Seniors Real Estate Specialist" over 13 years ago. Linda's Specialized Seniors Experience is the Edge that you can count on!

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If you have additional questions, simply Contact Linda! She will be eager to answer your questions

Contact Linda For An Appointment Today!


Simply Email Linda at linda@lindaprice.com or call (630) 753-1333

Whether you're buying or selling, Linda Price is the Best Leading Top Producing Real Estate Agent, Realtor, Broker In Chicago, Illinois and America whose Experience will exceed your
real estate needs and expectations!

For over years, Linda Price has been recognized as the Best Leading Top Producing Relocation Referral Real Estate Agent, Realtor, Broker in America, the United States, Illinois, Chicagoland, and the Chicago Western Suburbs!

  Linda's expertise and experience have enabled her to provide Exceptional Guidance and Service for Relocation Transferees on a Local and National basis throughout America and the United States.  Linda is the Leading Best Top National Relocation Referral Agent, Realtor, Broker and the Leading Top Best International Relocation Referral Agent, Realtor, Broker!

Linda Price is the Leading Best Top Producing Real Estate Agent, Realtor, Broker in the
United States, Chicago, Illinois and Chicago Western Suburbs. With recent Illinois Sales of approximately 22 million dollars, Linda is Rated The #1 Individual Agent in Listings, Sales Production, and Overall Performance for 2012 at REMAX. With over 118 Best Top Agents, REMAX of Naperville is rated Number One in Illinois in Closed Sales and Listings Volume for the past years. Linda Price has achieved recognition from REMAX as one of the Top 10 Agents in Illinois & Chicagoland. Linda Price has been recognized by REMAX with the Elite "Life Time Achievement" Award!

As a REMAX "PLATINUM AWARD" Winner, Linda Price is recognized as the Best Leading Top Producing Residential, Commercial, Industrial Real Estate Agent, Realtor, Broker, Short Sale Specialist, Pre-Foreclosure Expert, Foreclosure Specialist  in the Midwestern United States, America, Chicago, Illinois, Chicagoland and the Chicago Western Suburbs.

Whether you are interested in buying or selling a Single Family Home, Condo, Townhouse, Vacant Land, Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family, Waterfront, Lakefront, Beachfront,
Vacation, Rental, Lease, Investment Property, Residential, Commercial Property, Income Property, Short Sale Homes, Short Sales Commercial Property, Pre-Foreclosure Homes and Land, Foreclosure Homes, Foreclosure Commercial, Foreclosure Industrial Properties...
Linda Price is the Best Top Agent in America, Chicago Western Suburbs and Illinois for You!

Linda Lists and Sells: Latest Homes For Sale, Latest Real Estate Listings,  Latest New
Listings, Just Listed Homes , Residential New Construction, Short Sale Listings, Short Sale Homes, Short Sales Properties, Pre-Foreclosure Homes, Pre-Foreclosure Property, Illinois Foreclosure Listings, New Listings Foreclosure Homes, REMAX Latest New Listings, Single Family Homes, Condos, Townhomes, Land, Commercial,  Industrial, Duplex, Multi-Family, Single Family, Lakefront, Waterfront, Vacation, Rental Property, Residential and Commercial Lease Property, Investment Properties, Income Properties, Retirement Property, Assisted Living Home Residences, Retirement or Nursing Home Residences.  Linda Price is the Best Top Producing Leading Illinois and National Relocation Transferee Agent, Buyers Agent,Sellers Agent, Seniors Citizens Real Estate Specialist, Short Sale Specialist, Pre-Foreclosure
Specialist and Listing Agent in America and the Midwestern United States!

If your Real Estate needs are Local, Chicago, the Western Suburbs, Illinois, United States, National or International, Linda's years of Exceptional Expertise, Experience and her Leading "Realtors Connection" Best Top Agents Referral Team will meet and exceed your real estate needs and expectations anywhere in the United States and the World! No matter what your real estate needs are or where you are moving, Linda Price has the Skills, the Experience and "Top Agents Referral Team" of Relocation Experts to surpass all of your requirements
and facilitate all aspects of your next move anywhere in America, or the Midwestern United States. National and International Relocation require the Skills, Expertise and Experience that can only be provided by Linda Price and her Team of Relocation Experts!

Linda Price has over years of Experience
Specializing in the following areas:

  • Luxury and Estate Listings Properties
  • Relocation Referrals
  • Corporate Transferees
  • National and International Relocation Transferee Assistance
  • First Time Home Buyers
  • Feng Shui Residential Listings & Properties
  • Senior Citizens Real Estate Specialist - Providing a Complete Seniors Program to facilitate the Sale of the Home, Personal Property Auctions, and assist in all aspects of their move to a retirement or assisted living residence.
  • Property Management - As a Broker, Linda is a Leader in residential and income property rental management, and maintenance supervision.
  • Short Sales Specialist
  • Pre-Foreclosure Specialist
  • Bank Owned Homes & Properties
  • Bank Repo Homes & Properties
  • Refinancing Homes & Properties

Linda's Areas of Expertise Include The Following Illinois Towns and Chicago Suburbs:

Oak Brook
Burr Ridge
Glen Ellyn
Downers Grove
Villa Park
Sugar Grove
La Fox
St Charles

If you're Buying or Selling Residential, Commercial, or Industrial Real Estate Properties in DuPage County, Kane County, Kendall County, Will County or Cook County, you need to Contact Linda Price. You will find out why she is "The Leader In Real Estate Results!"

With such an Exceptional Real Estate Career as Linda's... It's no wonder why Linda Price is known as the Best Agent, Best Realtor, Top Agent, Top Realtor, Leading Agent, Leading Realtor, Top Producing REMAX Agent,  Best Top Producing Realtor, Best Senior Citizen Real Estate Specialist Agent, Realtor, the Best Top Senior Citizens Agent, Realtor, the Best Leading
Top REMAX Relocation Referral Agent, Realtor, Broker, the  Best Leading Top Agent Realtor, Broker in America, the United States, Chicago, Illinois, Chicagoland, and the Chicago Western Suburbs. Linda is the Best Leading Top Producing Buyers Agent, Sellers Agent, Realtor, Broker in Chicagoland. Linda Price is an Expert Short Sale Specialist and Pre-Foreclosure, Foreclosure Real Estate Specialist with the Experience you can count on when you need it. 

Linda Price is the Best Top Leading National and International Relocation Transferee Referral Buyers Agent, Sellers Agent, Realtor, Broker with Unique Marketing Skills, Programs and Experience that will surpass your needs and expectations.  Whether your next move is local, National or International, when it comes to Relocation...You can count on Linda's Expertise!  

As a Leading Top International and National Agent, Realtor, Broker, Linda can arrange for you to view any of The 
Latest Listings anywhere Locally, Nationally, or Internationally.
Linda's "Realtors Connection" Best Top Agents Relocation Referral Team will exceed your expectations and provide you with the service you deserve when you need it the most!

As an
"Award Winning" Relocation Agent, Linda's "Realtors Connection" Relocation Team of Leading Best Top Agents can provide you with the Best Top Producing Agent to assist
you in every detail of your relocation anywhere in the United States or the World!


You will find out why Linda is the Best Top Agent in Illinois, America, and the Midwestern United States with the Experience and Leadership you need whether buying or selling.

Linda Price is Truly... "Your Leader in Real Estate Results!" ©

Just Contact Linda and You'll See Why They Say...

"Linda's Experience... Is The Edge You Can Count On!" ©


Contact Linda!

Linda Price
REMAX of Naperville
Direct (630) 753-1333
Office: (630) 420-1220 x3083

Email: linda@lindaprice.com


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