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Linda Price


"Information" for Seniors

Every SENIOR, whether buying or selling, should be aware of an advanced educational designation called Senior Real Estate Specialist or SRES. I have chosen this niche market specializing in SENIORS when they’re ready to downsize, disposing of personal property or organizing their home getting ready to sell.

If you’re one of more than 7 million people in this lucky age group, you’re overwhelmed trying to figure out where to find or how to choose the right real estate agent with experience to get you through this next phase of your life. These are all huge decisions.  Everyone knows someone in the real estate business but you're looking for the best Realtor with SENIORS experience and has earned the SRES designation.

I hold this advanced designation and am trained to be a Seniors Real Estate Specialist.

Every family is unique, and I know how to get you organized and meet your specific needs when it comes to buying or selling. This designation has prepared me to work with many SENIOR clients sharing the best options and information when making life-changing decisions.  If you still have questions needing answers, call or email me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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