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Linda Price

Meet Monty

Linda is Passionate About
Pet Rescue, Fostering, and Adoption

 Make A Difference In The Life Of An Innocent Animal.

Mr. Monty Invites You To Visit All of These Sites.

Their Tails Are Waiting To Wag

So Come Meet Your Next Best Friend.

Experience The Unconditional Love You Deserve.

 Adopt Pet Shelter  PAWS Chicago  1-800-Save-A-Pet
 The Anti-Cruelty Society  Naperville Humane Society  Chicago Area Animal Shelters  Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue  American Society - Prevent Cruelty - Puppy Mills

So You're Going On A Trip?

Keep Your Family Together And Take Your Pet Along.

"Pet Friendly" Hotels & Inns That Welcome Dogs And Cats.

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